Presentation: “Setting the Stage for Success” – Kanata Kareer Group

Elizabeth Lance at the Kanata Kareer Group
Speaker for the Kanata Kareer Group, at Kanata United Church, on the 13th of March, 2013

On the 13th of May, 2013, I had the privilege of addressing the Kanata Kareer Group (KKG), where I revisited my past as a professional musician, and discussed the transferable skills from said background which I now utilize in managing my group of expert consultants. As a former teacher, I cherish the opportunity to share my experiences and knowledge, which also reflects in our collective endeavors at the InGenuity Group.

Within my chosen profession as an SR&ED expert, it’s quite unusual to find industry professionals at my level with my particular background. Thus, I often face the question of how I made this journey with my level of success. And, as I mentioned to the KKG, the answer is simple, but not easy – rigorous discipline, professionalism, passion, and prolific online writing. These are the factors which “set the stage for success”, so to speak, in today’s corporate world.

“Setting The Stage”

During my presentation, the emphasis on online writing formed the crux of my argument on how to set the stage for success. The 21st century life is increasingly defined by its technological permeation, and as such our virtual selves now form an integral part of the image which we portray – whether to people in our personal or professional lives. As such, careful creation and curation of one’s online presence has now become an indispensable part of our marketing toolbox.

In our case, at the InGenuity Group, this necessitated the development of a separate website altogether dedicated to SR&ED education, as well as a related LinkedIn group – both of which are now among the premier online resources on the SR&ED tax credit program. This allowed us to separate ourselves from the herd, as it were, and consolidate our standing as a dynamic team of thought leaders in the industry.

Thus, one takeaway for success from my professional experience would be: Ensure that your expertise and achievements are freely visible online, across as many relevant platforms as viable.

What Is The Kanata Kareer Group?

The KKG primarily functions as a self-help group for people seeking to rejoin the workforce, and is open to everyone from the organization’s local area. Typically attended by fifteen to thirty members, they hold weekly meetings which often host diverse groups representing various professions, with significant numbers among them having worked in high tech industries.

Within their sessions, job-seekers participate in self-help training sessions, and learn about the latest career opportunities provided by employers. In fact, the KKG often promotes networking between employers and job seekers, and provides access to updated insight by inviting experts in the career and job search field.

For those interested in reading up on their activities, or on future events, further details are available here.

In Parting

At the end of the day, it was my pleasure to address the talented individuals at the KKG meet. Above all else, the impression which stuck with me was of an overwhelming sense of professional quality and expertise condensed within a small group of people.

In parting, I wish the participants the very best of luck with their future. And I hope to come across some of their offerings online. Not only because I look forward to perusing the written products crafted through their experience-honed insight. But also because I sincerely believe that, with the right exposure, every individual within that room would surely find their desired professional niche in no significant time at all.


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