InGenuity Group

A tax credit (SR&ED / OIDMTC) consulting firm founded in 2007 by father and daughter team Gilbert and Elizabeth Lance, the experience of the team leading The InGenuity Group® spans several decades and multiples disciplines. We provide hourly and success-based services to startup through international organizations. Read more here.

SR&ED Education and Resources

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The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED or SRED) tax credit program is available to companies developing new products or improving existing products where there is an element of science or technology. On this website we’ve compiled some basic information to introduce you to the SR&ED program, its eligibility requirements, and changes that will impact its administration. Read more here.


Perrito Social

We help online communities grow & flourish, allowing them to show their true nature and get noticed. Of course, when you get noticed and people think you’re great – well, they like to help you out buy shopping with you. It’s a win-win scenario! Our underlying philosophy is simple: be amazing – no matter your size – and you will get noticed. We can help your organization through social media and other means so you get noticed!  Read more here.